Remote Assist AR by VAMRR: Enhanced communication, reduced downtimes, automated knowledge base for repairs

Of late, a common theme has emerged in India’s manufacturing Sector. The Covid-19 Pandemic has highlighted the importance of Industry 4.0 Technologies and accelerated its rate of adoption in the country. I recently attended a webinar session which had several industry leaders in its panel. Almost all of them unanimously agreed the urgent integration of Industry 4.0 Technologies. The panel discussed about many technologies and different ways in which they implement those technologies.  One recurring theme in the panel discussion was the use of Augmented Reality.

At VAMRR Technologies, we are developing an entire series of AR solutions for Plant Operations and are in the process of shortly introducing Remote Assist AR; an Augmented Reality based enhanced communication tool that boosts productivity, reduces overall cost, and increases plant efficiency.


Picture this. There’s a breakdown in your facility. The technicians on site are unable to solve the issue. You call in an expert to the facility and resolve. Depending on where the expert is, it could take anywhere from minutes to hours and sometimes even days for the expert to get on premise. The time spent in waiting for the expert to arrive results in downtime and all the ails that come with it; part of the assembly is idle, worker productivity is minimum, variable costs keep on mounting and overall supply chain is inadvertently affected.

By enabling your technicians and experts to effectively communicate from a distance (any distance), Remote Assist AR by VAMRR in its own simple way, helps amplify the effectiveness with which modern production lines operate. With Remote Assist, the technician on site can connect with an expert. The expert can precisely pinpoint where action has to be taken, use visual markers from the annotation graphics library to define and explain the action,  grab screenshots and create sequenced instructions, share files and videos, and supervise the process to solve the issue collectively.

Improved productivity is the main benefit derived by using Augmented Reality based Remote Assist as the lag time is minimized(next to nothing) for service and repairs operations, One-tap-calling to experts and details from previous call logs will be useful for boosting productivity. Cannibalization of time can be avoided, and team synergy can be enhanced. 


Every Augmented Reality call made by your technicians’ get logged with Videos, screenshots, and every detail. Over a period, you will have a multimedia rich knowledge base of actual machine service and repair issues, what problems were faced, how they were resolved, the time it took and much more.

Powerful search features make the knowledge base easily searchable and many a times, might serve as a first layer of reference during emergency repair operations. Additionally, they serve as a gold mine for training purposes as well.

For training purposes, the existing Knowledge base consisting the details of previous call logs should be a gold mine.

To summarize, AR Remote Assist solutions, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Industry 4.0 technologies, but a great way to begin. And for those organizations that are already advanced in adoption, it is still a simple yet effective addition to their armory.          

Integration of these technologies should not only boost productivity while reducing downtime but it will also enhance the overall supply chain. The possibilities with Remote Assist are endless.

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Post by – Paranjey Patel, Business Team, VAMRR Technologies.


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