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great products are half the story,
our mission is 'satisfied customers'.

Great products are half the story, our mission is 'satisfied customers'.

Vamrr builds products & enterprise solutions that utilize virtual & augmented reality to deliver an exponentially higher level of productivity and better user experience.

As we see it, great products are half the story, our mission is satisfied customers.

Our support and service helps in maximizing the value that we deliver to our clients. Our ability to guide and consult our clients as they navigate immersive technologies and digital transformation landscape, makes us stand out further.

We also build custom immersive training solutions that span across the enterprise training landscape including technical, safety, behavioral, sales, leadership & induction.

As a company, vamrr was founded with the passion for welcoming the immersive age, which is the next progression from the information age. While the USP of the information age is cognizance or awareness, the USP of the immersive age is the next level, ie; comprehension or understanding.

This USP of immersive technologies integrated with IoT, and AI ML is taking enterprise functions to the next paradigm of productivity, possibility, new revenue generation and user experience.

That potential of immersive for enterprise has led us to be constantly engaged with enterprises, building our products that deliver great value, consulting our clients, as well as organizing workshops, conferences and round tables which have been heavily participated by enterprises and also enjoyed the support of global technology majors.

We look forward to working with you.

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