Digital Twin Consulting & Custom Solutions Accelerating your Digital Twin Journey

LIVE Monitoring
PREDICTIVE Maintenance
WHAT-IF? Scenarios
VIRTUAL Diagnostics
PROCESS Opimization

Globally, organizations across verticals are deriving tremendous value via the implementation of Digital Twin. Equally impressive is the fact that in most cases of digital twin implementation, the value and benefit is realized by multiple constituencies, amplifying the overall benefits.

Continuous real time data integrated with intelligence, analytics and immersive visualization to assess, simulate, predict and improve assets, processes and systems, Digital Twin is truly where it all comes together.

Owing to the multifarious benefits, end to end visibility and value it provides, Digital Twin has been gaining massive traction; and just like Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 of which Digital Twin is a part of, it is witnessing further acceleration in current times.

VAMRR Technologies provides consulting & custom development for enterprise digital twin projects.


  1. Digital twin strategy & planning.
  2. Project Scoping
  3. Benefit impact analysis
  4. Digital twin readiness level report
  5. Solution architecture design
  6. AI and ML consulting for digital Twin
  7. Skill sourcing

Custom Solutions

  1. Complete Digital Twin Solution Development
  2. Digital Twin POC development
  3. Integration of 3D & IoT on a single platform
  4. Making 3D Models dynamic & Data Driven
  5. Dashboard & UI Development for Digital Twin
  6. Data Visualization
  7. AI & ML Algorithm Development


Live Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

What-If? Scenarios

Monitor your equipment live in real time, with a dashboard displaying the health of critical parameters and virtual twin emulating the machine in real-time

Intelligently and accurately predict when your equipment actually needs maintenance, reduce maintenance costs and downtime

Run what-if scenarios virtually with complete safety and zero damage to your physical equipment, optimize & maximize productivity


Process Optimization

Immersive Training

Diagnose faster with analytics on the digital twin, reduce physical equipment downtime significantly

Use Digital Twin assets for Virtual & Augmented Reality training which is safer for both trainees and equipment. It also results in faster learning and quicker application.

Want to explore the impact of Digital Twin for your Organization? We are glad to discuss & Demonstrate

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