Induct Remotely Efficient. Effective

Induct Remotely Efficient. Effective.

ENGAGE Immersively


REDUCE Logistics Costs

TRACK Progress

STREAMLINE The Transition

MANAGE With Ease

Maintain the momentum from offer letter till probation.

Induct Remotely offers a seamless induction experience to your new joinees. The application serves as the interface throughout the journey. Onboarding –> Schedules —-> Tasks —> Induction & Orientation Content –> Quizzes & Validation of Learning —> Chat & Interaction with HR, HRBP & Buddy –> Notifications & Updates.

HR teams can manage tasks via web and mobile application on the go. The progress tracking feature allows the HR admin to have an overall batchwise aggregated overview or can choose to deep dive and track individual progress related to tasks, learning, documents and other relevant info. 

The application is also fine tuned to offer the best Mobile VR & Immersive experience.

The web and mobile applications are one part of the offering by vamrr. The other part is our custom services for migrating and converting existing e-learning content into immersive VR/AR learning content. We also offer services to custom build Immersive training solutions. 

While the Induct Remotely application as a standalone delivers remote engagement and induction regardless of where the Inductee is. The conversion of e-learning and other training content to immersive media, makes the induction experience Remote and fully immersive.  

Learners can experience factory tours while at home, they can be inside the classroom while at home or afar,  be part of a one on one or one to many leadership welcome and address, while afar. The immersive experience is totally subjective and in the first person. In some cases it the experience is the next best thing to reality, in some its better than reality.  

Enterprises can engage remotely yet immersively, can  eliminate T&A costs, reduce logistics costs, track progress granularly, streamline the transition and manage the whole process with ease. 

Simple, powerful features for HR Admins, Inductees & Buddies

single mobile app for the entire induction

Inductees go through the entire induction journey from offer letter till end of probation via a single mobile application. Easy to use and always at hand even before any company laptops are handed to them.

document submissions & validation for onboarding

Admins can create, edit, assign master document checklists. Inductees can upload & save documents. Admins get updated when an inductee's entire document set is uploaded, they can check, validate and ask for re-uploads.

At a glance & in depth progresss tracking

Be it tasks, quizzes or orientation content, admins can track progress individuals, batch wise and department wise. Progress tracking is available on both the web and mobile applications.


The application is immersive ready and optimized for Mobile Virtual Reality content. This creates potential for inductees to remotely yet immersively experience factory tours, leadership address, in classroom sessions and more.

versatile content management system

From organization structure to office floor map, from company culture to vision and mission statement, from regulations and compliance to growth maps, the Content Management System is ready for you to import existing or to create new content with ease.


Create and assign a quiz for each learning content. Inductees have to get 70% and above in the quiz to validate that the learning for that content piece is complete. Only then will the progress tracker count that as done.

interface inductees with buddies, hrbp

HR Admins can introduce inductees to their buddies, HRBPs and department induction leads via the app, and can also set them as task owners for specific assignments.


Admins can use chat to interact and communicate with any inductee during their induction life cycle. Inductees have chat access to their batch leaders by default. Admins can add access to more people such as buddy, HRBP or other HR Admins.


Admins can simply select individuals, batch wise, department wise or all and broadcast messages. Inductees receive 6 categories of notifications including ones sent by Admin, as well as task deadline reminders, new content, schedules, on boarding and more.


Master admins can add admins and admins can add inductees, batches, departments, buddies, HRBP, content, quizzes, tasks & schedules. Admins can chat or broadcast messages.

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