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The immersive technologies of  Virtual & Augmented Reality are being increasingly adopted as the next medium of training by enterprises worldwide. VR immerses learners into the actual work environment and enables ‘hands-on’ learning, for learners on-premise, or from wherever they are.  AR allows users to contextually understand and learn right on their mobile phones and tablets with multi layered information that interactively presents itself in the right context. 

There are more than 30 benefits and equal amount of Use Cases where VR & AR, are the most impactful option, either in a standalone or blended learning approach.

This webinar by VAMRR on Impactful Enterprise Training with VR & AR is designed for Enterprise L&D & HR leaders and professionals involved in Technical, Soft Skills, Sales & Safety training as well as induction.

The workshop/webinar will provide a deep insight into the impact of VR & AR for various training needs and goals. It will also provide you with a quick template for kickstarting the process of blending VR & AR interventions into your training programs.

Essential Topics Covered

  • Introduction to VR & AR
  • Features & Benefits of VR & AR Training
  • Use Cases
  • Mapping different types of VR AR to various genres of training
  • Budgeting and Planning for blending VR/AR into training program

Demos & Training Genres Covered

  • Technical Training
  • Sales Training
  • Safety Training
  • Induction & Orientation
  • Soft Skills (Use Case Presentation)


Webinar Speaker

Anand Gurnani
Founder, VAMRR Technologies


*Every webinar attendee (1 per enterprise) gets a 30 mins free consultation session to address their queries and requirements. Also get the VAMRR guide to integrating VR/AR into your training programs.

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