Benefits of immersive training Better than reality.

HIGH Learning Impact

CREATE & ACCESS Any Scenario

HANDS ON Learning

BIG SAVINGS ON Time, Space, Infra

ELIMINATE Safety Risks


Highly engaging. Extremely effective.

Better Comprehension
Better Retention
Greater Engagement
Faster & Deeper Learning
Quicker application of learning
Higher Motivation
More Productivity

Solving the problem of Accessibility

Hands on Technical training for enterprises usually requires ‘On Premise’ presence which brings its own set of accessibility challenges.


VAMRR custom builds virtual reality scenarios for enterprises which can be deployed and accessed for training needs anytime, anywhere.

Hands on Learning: VR Scores big on the learning pyramid


VAMRR's virtual reality training solutions focus on providing learners with virtual simulations in which they learn by doing, which results in very high retention rates.

The distraction free environment inside VR, further helps learners to focus better.

Huge Savings on Space & Infrastructure

A PC based virtual reality training session requires 150 to 200 square feet enclosed space, Mobile VR requires even lesser. Within that, learners can immerse themselves in scenarios of any scale.

To get to any learning environment or scenario they simply have to select it from the menu and they find themselves inside it. One moment they could immerse in a birds eye view of the plant floor and next moment they can choose to come up close within a section of it.

Spatial Infinity is a very powerful feature of Virtual Reality and there is no limit to learning environments of any scale.

Space Required Physical vs Virtual Reality

Infrastructure Required Physical vs Virtual Reality

Training on the actual equipment in physical reality means working with a lot of constraint and carries a heavy cost of production equipment downtime.

The logistics of getting learners on premise, curtailing the time each learner can spend 'hands on' and the safety as well as economic risks of making mistakes while training are huge.

Virtual Reality training takes all those risks, costs and constraints out of the equation. All you need is the headset and controllers, and in some cases a cell phone and a high end graphics workstation. That's it.

Performance Analytics: Granularly measuring learning to push it further.

A far better measure.

Virtual Reality is ripe for analytics and at VAMRR we juice VR'S data capture capabilities to their fullest. Our solutions track and measure as many data points as needed for every learner in every session making it a very data rich exercise.

Right from large scale physical movements; to slight hesitations and pause durations in decision making, with VAMRR you have your finger on the pulse of your learners performance and improvements over time.

Learners acess their data too and figure how to get better and better at what they are training for.

10 More reasons to explore Virtual Reality training with VAMRR!

Want to explore the impact of VR based training for your organization? We are glad to discuss.


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