VAMRR Technologies stands at the forefront of accelerating digital transformation, a core commitment that is deeply embedded in our two specialized business units: Enterprise Training and Technology Leadership Platform

Our Enterprise Training unit, referred to as ‘Immersive Learning Unit (ILU),’ is a game-changer in the enterprise training landscape. We revolutionize traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and static instructional content by metamorphosing them into interactive, immersive learning experiences, seamlessly accessible across a wide range of devices in a variety of formats.

Parallelly, our Technology Leadership Platform is emerging as a cutting-edge, multi-vertical ecosystem. It serves as an integrative hub that unites technology leaders, innovators, pioneers, and peers, providing a dynamic arena for the exchange of trailblazing insights, future-focused perspectives, and invaluable knowledge.

Immersive, Engaging & Transformative Learning Journeys for Enterprise.


Manage entire induction process remotely, yet immersively.


‘Hands on’ high learning impact,  anytime, anywhere.

Technology Leadership Platform

A cutting edge, multi vertical ecosystem of technology Leaders, Innovators, Pioneers & Peers.

VAMRR has been accelerating the immersive technologies, immersive learning and digital transformation ecosystem for the past 7 years. Our conferences, workshops and round tables have had a prolific participation from the industry .

Constant knowledge exchange, networking, and understanding perspectives of stakeholders across the value chain provides VAMRR with a unique vantage point.

24 Benefits & Features of Enterprise VR Training

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