Boosting Enterprise Productivity
with Virtual & Augmented Reality


Reduce downtime with
faster repairs & service.


Manage entire induction process remotely, yet immersively.


‘Hands on’ high learning impact,  anytime, anywhere.

Easier. Quicker. Better.

VAMRR products & solutions utilize virtual & augmented reality to deliver
an exponentially higher level of productivity and better user experience.

Reduce downtime with Remote Assist AR

Remote Assist AR enables your technicians & experts to work faster together on service & repair

Contextual information
in the line of sight.​

VAMRR products & solutions unobtrusively present contextual information
in the line of sight, as and when it is needed at work.


Induct new joinees from wherever they are with Induct Remotely

Eliminate all T&A costs even as you engage immersively.

Best case Scenarios.
Every Single Time.

With VAMRR's custom built training solutions, get simulated scenarios that are
best suited for your training needs. No plan B. Only the best, every time.

Train Immersively with VAMRR

Solutions across the enterprise training landscape.

24 Benefits & Features of Enterprise VR Training

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VAMRR Conferences & Round Tables.

VAMRR has been accelerating the immersive technologies, immersive learning and digital transformation ecosystem for the past 7 years. Our conferences, workshops and round tables have had a prolific participation from the industry .

Constant knowledge exchange, networking, and understanding perspectives of stakeholders across the value chain provides VAMRR with a unique vantage point.

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