Glimpses & Insights from
the vAMRR remote productivity summit - plant ops edition

The Covid 19 situation has truly compelled industrial & manufacturing organizations to analyze and optimize roles between those that can function remotely and those that need to be on premise. 

Right from overarching use cases such as Remote Monitoring to specific use cases such as Remote Assist, there is a spectrum of processes waiting to be digitally transformed, and in the process empowering and enabling the workforce to be remotely productive while staying safe. 

As enterprises dynamically respond to overcome and win against the challenges posed by Covid, they are also in the process becoming well poised for the future, when the virus will have long gone but the technologies embraced will provide continuous gains and prosperity to the enterprise and the workforce alike.

Below are excerpts from the panel sessions organized at the VAMRR Remote Productivity Summit – Plant Ops edition held on Sep 10 2020.

Panel Session: Immersive Technologies For Inspection, Maintenance, And Service

Joining the ranks of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning; augmented reality is swiftly proving its worth in the manufacturing and plant operations space. At the same time Virtual Reality ushers in the next paradigm in enterprise training for safety and technical needs.

The panel on Immersive Technologies for Inspection, Maintenance and Service operations at the VAMRR REMOTE PRODUCTIVITY SUMMIT – PLANT OPERATIONS EDITION  held on 10 Sep 2020, featured distinguished  speakers with the experience, expertise and the vantage point. They shared  insights into where immersive was adding value and how its potential was already being untapped with a lot more in store….Read 

Panel Session: Emerging Role Of Remote Technologies In Plant Operations

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and Industry 4.0 adoption in India.  It has moved from nice to have to must have, from niche to urgent and critical.

Meetings, Documents, Payments, QA, Inspection, Maintenance, Services & Repair, Training as well as other operations, all have gone through different levels of digitization in the past 6 months.

The mindset has now moved from resisting change to embracing technology; from evaluating it in terms of ROI to embracing it to survive….and prosper…

The panel on Emerging Role of Remote Technologies in Plant Operations  at the VAMRR REMOTE PRODUCTIVITY SUMMIT – PLANT OPERATIONS EDITION  held on 10 Sep 2020, featured distinguished  speakers with the experience, expertise  sharing  their insights and perspectives …Read 

Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas

A very insightful presentation, on Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas, presented by Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, Oil& Gas Industry expert. Click on the play button in the video thumbnail to the left to watch the entire presentation video.

Remote Assist AR By VAMRR: Enhanced Communication, Reduced Downtimes, Automated Knowledge Base For Repairs

By enabling your technicians and experts to effectively communicate from a distance (any distance), Remote Assist AR by VAMRR in its own simple way, helps amplify the effectiveness with which modern production lines operate. With Remote Assist, the technician on site can connect with an expert. The expert can precisely pinpoint where action has to be taken, use visual markers from the annotation graphics library to define and explain the action,  grab screenshots and create sequenced instructions, share files and videos, and supervise the process to solve the issue collectively. Read